Brown Mallard

                                                                    The Drake

Head : Iridescent brown with white collar almost encircling the neck

Breast : Rich dark Claret with no white fringing

Back : Grey/brown shading to brown over the rump

Flanks : Light grey with brown graining. Rump under cushion brown

Bill : Dark orange with brown saddle

                                                                   The Duck                                                                                                                                                                            Head and neck : Light seal brown, each feather with darker brown graining. Faint eye stripes as in wild mallard

Body : Brown with dark brown concentric markings

Bill : Dark orange with brown saddle

In both sexes : Speculum iridescent brown, edged with black then white

Defects: White primaries,white feathers under the bill on the throat, or under the tail. Dark ground colour and lacking of lacing in back of feathers of duck

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